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Some good news from the NLRB

We have a decision from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)! After months of waiting, we are thrilled to let you know that the NLRB has directed an election to occur for our union. It will be in accordance with all of our initial proposals when we first filed for an election in November (details are at the [...]

NLRB hearings have wrapped up

Today, we are wrapping up the hearing process at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) so we can proceed, finally, to an official election to certify our union! We expect a final ruling from the NLRB in a couple weeks on how/when we will have our vote. Typically, when the NLRB issues a ruling and directs [...]

Hearst’s arguments at the NLRB – we will not be divided

We want to keep you updated on important developments. Yesterday, the company was required to provide their position on our proposed bargaining unit to us and to the NLRB. They want us to be divided into six (!) completely separate unions. Three of those alone would be located in NYC. In some instances they split people [...]

We filed at the NLRB – what happens next?

Last week’s button day and union Thanksgiving were a big success. Tons of us gathered—from New York and Pennsylvania to Michigan and on FaceTime—across the country to show support and spend time as a unit. We’re looking forward to continuing to develop community and solidarity across brands and geography, especially as we move into the holidays. [...]

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