We want to keep you updated on important developments. Yesterday, the company was required to provide their position on our proposed bargaining unit to us and to the NLRB.

They want us to be divided into six (!) completely separate unions. Three of those alone would be located in NYC. In some instances they split people working for the same magazine into two different groups. The other divisions would be by geography. There are also whole groups of us they don’t want to be able to vote at all.

For weeks, the company has stated that they don’t want this process to divide people. We agree! We’ve tried hard to bring people who do the same work together through this union, including those of us working outside NY. We shouldn’t be separated.

It’s clear they are trying to create a delay so they can try to talk us out of the informed decision we’ve made. The company has said they want us to vote, and we are prepared to do that! A hearing with the National Labor Relations Board should start tomorrow; the company will have to present evidence that we should be divided. This is a public hearing and everyone is welcome. Feel free to join some of us who will be there. It will take place at the NLRB (26 Federal Plaza) at 10am. As a reminder, here are our NLRB FAQs.