With a certified union, we have certain rights even before a collective bargaining agreement.

The Status Quo
Now that we’ve voted to officially certify our union, the company is not allowed to unilaterally make changes to our terms and conditions of employment (for example, reducing pay or benefits). This means the status quo remains intact, unless we agree to change it, until we vote on a contract. This also means that while the company is allowed to conduct layoffs, they must communicate with the union and negotiate over any impact on our members. 

Your Weingarten Rights
Any union-covered employee who is facing discipline or termination is entitled to have a union representative present in any investigatory meeting that could reasonably result in discipline, whether with a supervisor, HR or both. This is not required, but the option is available to union-covered employees. The union rep is there to advocate for you, be a witness, and take notes. If you are ever in this situation, you can say the following to invoke your Weingarten Rights: if this meeting could result in disciplinary action, I’d like to pause until I can have a union representative present. 

Our Frequently Asked Questions page also has information about collective bargaining and what that process will look like.